5 Benefits Of ‘Hot Desking’ In A Coworking Space.

At some point, every business realizes that it needs to move out of the garage where it started to an actual office space set up where it can host more people and bring in more clients. That moment, as exciting as it sounds comes with a lot of challenges.

Finding an office is not an easy task. Some of the common challenges that most of the companies face are:

  • Finding the right fit
  • Expensive tenure and deposits
  • Limited accessibility of the workspace
  • Connectivity and building amenities
  • Operations and maintenance

Businesses today, especially startups who are very mobile and don’t need a private office have started ‘Hot Desking’ to overcome the above challenges and also have a flexible workspace to set up their business.

So, what is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is a 21st-century concept where two or more people effectively share flexible desks which are not on a reserve basis but on first pick basis.

So essentially, employees can just walk into an office in the morning and pick any empty desk available and start working from there right away.

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Why is there a need for hot desking in Bangalore?

Over the last decade, Bangalore has become the most favorable city in India to start or set up a business. The demand for commercial space and abundance of companies starting up in Bangalore has made renting or leasing an office space near to impossible for startups and solopreneurs.

Since most popular localities within the city are already connected and getting an office there is necessary, most of the companies have started opting for a hot desk in coworking spaces. This helps not only in saving thousands of rupees in rent every month but also gets them into a community of similar companies and entrepreneurs.

What are some of the benefits of Hot Desking?

1. Affordability

Hot Desking checks everything you need in the list while being the most affordable and cost-effective option. Hot desking at coworking spaces are open to everyone and even comes without any commitments or huge deposits.

Signing up for hot desks not only helps in saving money while paying month-on-month for the space that you’ll be using but also eliminates all the overhead expenses poured into coffee, housekeeping, electricity & internet bills, etc.

2. Social Culture

Unlike a typical office, hot-desking encourages employees to have a social culture where they interact and collaboratively work in managing their daily tasks. This method is also proven to be more productive and efficient over the conventional cubical setup.

In addition, having a social culture also motivates employees since there will be no walls between the management and subordinates where one can reach out to another without any barriers in between. This makes the office feel like a communication tool rather than a real estate entity.

3. Networking Opportunities

Businesses are built with networking and relationships. Reaching out to new people for business collaborations and partnership has become an integral part of business growth in any industry today. So, in order to make new connections, one must be amongst people talking to them and making connections on a daily basis.

This works best when we are in a community of like-minded people who can help in exploring options or refer someone who would be interested. Hot desking at coworking spaces not only open doors to meet people within the community but also provides a platform to reach out to prospects through events and sessions.

4. Flexibility To Upgrade Or Downsize

One of the biggest advantages of hot desking is flexibility. All the startups are concerned about one thing in common – facilitating the office space for frequent upgrades or downsizing of their resources. Since investment in real estate is huge, this becomes a major concern while choosing an office.

While there is a commitment in dedicated or private office spaces, hot desks usually don’t have a long commitment. On the flip side, hot desking also offers upgrades where one can upgrade seats for only one month and downgrade them when it’s not needed. This will help in staying ready for upgrades and at the same time avoid wastage of real estate and money when not needed.

5. Ambiance

While we were used to plain and blunt office designs earlier, many companies like Google, Squarespace, Taboola, Tripadvisor, etc. started coming with bright, ambient and loud office spaces. This, in turn, gave birth to café coworking where people started working out of cafés to have the ambiance which would help them in boosting their productivity.

Hot desking in a coworking space brings the same experience along with a dedicated office. In addition to having a cool office, a coworking space is carefully designed to bring out the most productive-self in employees while offering the experience and hospitality of a café.

Hot desking has numerous advantages and is proven to be the most productive for the team who need to work together. Although it is still debatable by some, this has become an integral and essential part of modern workspace life. Startup companies who used to start out of a garage or an apartment earlier have now accepted hot desking as their point of start in a long journey.

A vibrant and ergonomic office space coupled with a pool of amenities like cafeteria, meeting rooms, printing, high-speed internet, low deposits, month-on-month flexibility, etc. are just some reasons why one should start hot desking in a coworking space.

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