5 Reasons To Host Your Next Event At A Coworking Space

Hosting corporate events, meetups and workshops have become a frequent occurrence in the IT sector. It is the perfect way to take time off work as well as to motivate oneself or learn a new skill.

While hosting events are an important part of an organization’s work culture, it is also necessary to find the perfect venue that will attract attendees and audience to make your event a success. Booking private meeting spaces and conference halls do not give you the opportunity to expose your event to a new audience and network with them. This is why companies, as well as entrepreneurs, host events in coworking spaces instead of private meeting rooms and conference halls. Coworking spaces serve as a great alternative to other event spaces as they offer the right balance between professionalism and cost.

But apart from well-designed spaces and pricing, there are other benefits that make a coworking space the perfect spot to host your next event. Check out a few of the benefits below:

1. Built-in Network

Hosting events in coworking spaces are especially beneficial for startups companies or entrepreneurs who are looking to reach bigger audiences, freelancers, small teams, investors or even business partners. Coworking spaces already have a built-in network of professionals who are eager to learn, connect and grow. Events are, therefore, a great way to meet like-minded people, connect with them and spread awareness about your business and your vision.

2. Accessible Infrastructure & Amenities

Coworking spaces are packed with a bunch of amenities and also provide adequate infrastructure and equipment required to host an event. From well-equipped conference rooms, lounges, audio video accessories, projectors to complete space setup, a coworking space takes care of your entire event organization so that you can focus on making your event a success

3. Promotional Benefits

Hosting a successful event majorly depends on the audience and without proper promotions, it is impossible to bring out a large crowd of people. This is why companies/ entrepreneurs make use of the network of members that a coworking space has to drive in more people to their event. Coworking spaces also help you with the promotions through their newsletters, pamphlets, reminders, and emails to various internal distribution lists.

4. Comfortable Experience For All

Since coworking spaces are not just any event space, they provide an overall seamless experience for the presenter as well as the guests. Since a coworking space is designed for people to work and spend more than 10 hours a day, it is well equipped with the needs and comfort of its members. Therefore it is also able to offer a great level of comfort during events to both the audience and the presenter. From refreshments, comfortable seating to f&b options a coworking space ensures that your guests have a great experience throughout the event.

5. Staff Arrangement

From seating arrangements to refreshments, community managers of the coworking space help their hosts with every small detail to make the event a success. Community managers also coordinate with staff and helpers to facilitate a smooth flow of the event, set up your event equipment, direct people to the venue and restrooms and provide security for the event. Community managers also stay until the end of the event to ensure that the event progresses seamlessly. This is a huge benefit for individuals who are keen on hosting an event but do not have enough resources to hire temporary staff.

Hosting an event may seem easy but only because there are a lot of hands at work that helps it make a success. Not every company can afford business centers, hotel lounges or expensive conference rooms. Therefore, a coworking space is just the right fit for companies and individuals who are starting out and are in need of a well-furnished space with tonnes of amenities to host a successful event.

If you are looking to host an event then you should definitely try coworking spaces. We, at Kafnu coworking spaces also give out well-designed event spaces that facilitate a host of amenities for presenters and guests. With numerous F&B options, dynamically build area, security & parking, you can easily host your corporate and company events at our space. Check out our event space offerings here: https://start.kafnu.com/book-event-space/


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