5 Reasons To Host Your Next Meeting At A Coworking space!

Meetings have become an integral part of every business, may it be internal meetings or even client meetings and collaborations.

While meetings are essential, they come in different shapes and sizes – for example, board meetings, sales meetings, investor meetings, stakeholder meeting, etc. and no matter what the meeting is being hosted for, the purpose remains same – engaging and being able to get attendees to perceive positively throughout the session.

In the past, most of us believed that having good control over speech and strategy can win over attendees in a meeting. But according to Entrepreneur.com, meetings are also about the meaningful experiences that everybody can remember. This includes everything from A to Z – meeting plan, invitation, speech, room environment, table setup, AV equipment, food & beverages, etc.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why hosting your meetings at a coworking space is more beneficial than hosting at your own office or even at a hotel:

1. Location Convenience

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Leasing a permanent office limits the physical reach and availability for your clients, prospects, and stakeholders, especially in a city like Bangalore where reaching from one part to another might take hours together. This limitation might also lead in meeting cancellations and even stalling due to tiring travel that’s involved.

So, hosting your meetings in a rented coworking space enables you to pick a strategically placed meeting room from any center on-demand at different parts of the city, including prime localities.


2. Design & Feel

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Meeting rooms in most of the coworking spaces are uniquely designed to cater the feel of a café while offering the privacy & sophistication of a commercial office space set up.

These functional meeting rooms offer a great vibe that can help in creating a great impression for your attendees throughout the meeting. Other design elements like the lighting, seating, air conditioning also factors in to provide comfort throughout your session.


3. Setup & Equipment

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Unlike most conventional offices and hotels, meeting rooms at coworking spaces are equipped to cater any meeting need – from projectors to display devices or conference bridge to video conferencing, you can find it all readily available.

Meeting room setup can also be customized to meet your requirements for the meeting. May it be the seating arrangement, lighting setup, whiteboard requirements or even guest WiFi setup, you can get them created and customized as per your needs.


4. Hospitality

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Coworking spaces are known for providing hospitality. Community teams within the space will take care of all your attendees right from welcoming them through escorting them to the meeting room and even assisting them with their needs.

Even during the meetings, housekeeping will look after the drinking water, serve beverages and assist you with your needs within the space. This makes your attendees feel the hospitality of a luxury hotel while offering a great experience throughout their time at the space.


5. In-House Restaurant & Food Options

Some of the coworking spaces also offer food options where one can host lunch meetings or even have snack breaks. The in-house restaurant will serve your attendees with their orders and needs.

Food availability at a meeting space, in turn, helps in eliminating the need to order food from a restaurant or even host meetings at restaurants for just the food where the meeting room setup might not be adequate.


While meeting rooms in privately owned offices and hotels might provide the thought of comfort, most of the other things in the list cannot be facilitated. So, many companies now have started booking meeting rooms in coworking centers to create a good business presence while enjoying all the amenities and features offered.

Numerous perks, facilities, and infrastructure in a coworking space offers a consistent experience and dynamic feel to any meeting or event.

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