How To Find The Right Coworking Space For Your Team

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Finding the right workspace that fits your business need is crucial for you and your team. It is, after all, one of the biggest expenditures for your business. Therefore it is important to invest in a space that is affordable for you and productive for your team.

Getting the perfect office space becomes difficult, especially for SMEs and startups that do not have much budget to invest in a private office space. This is why smaller companies start off with a coworking space because it makes for an appealing choice, packaged together with tonnes of amenities, flexibility, and networking events. And even though most coworking spaces offer a lot of amenities, not every space works out for your team. 

So, choosing an ideal coworking space that fits your requirement and matches your workstyle becomes essential. Here are 5 things you should consider while finding a perfect coworking space for your business:

1. Location 

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When joining a company, the location serves as one of the decision-making factors for employees. It is, therefore, very important that the coworking space is conveniently located for you and your team to commute easily and has all the facilities available in the vicinity. Transportation, restaurants, coffee shops, and safe locality are a major requirement.


2. Affordability

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Price is probably the most important factor to most businesses while choosing a new office. As a company, you need to decide how much are you willing to spend on every individual, as well as overall, for the team in one month. Depending on your budget you need to look for a space that has zero to low-security deposit, no hidden charges, and flexible membership options.


3. Amenities

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Most coworking spaces offer a handful of amenities for its members to work more productively. Before choosing a coworking space, you need to check if the coworking space provides essential amenities like conference rooms, parking space, F&B options, security, high-speed internet and more. It is also important that your office has local amenities nearby. Choosing a space with a bank, pharmacy, and shopping areas close by makes your and your employees’ life easy.


4. Flexibility

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Startups and SMEs grow quickly and therefore require a flexible workspace that can be upgraded or downgraded as per their needs. If you’re looking to expand your team in the near future, you should look for spaces that have room to grow and accommodate your team in the long run. Coworking spaces that let you upgrade and downgrade without much hassle, and at no extra cost.


5. Membership

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Many coworking spaces offer month-to-month membership agreements. Having a month-to-month membership is usually beneficial for freelancers but it also allows you to try out the space before investing in it. Startup teams prefer to test out a space and check for compatibility, amenities and team requirements. Once you find a space you like, however, you can sign a longer-term agreement at a reduced rate. This is good for your company and the coworking space.

Finding the right office is no small task and therefore it is always advised not to rush into it. Take your time to research and try out a few coworking spaces in popular localities before you sign up for a space. Most coworking spaces offer a free tour of their space for you to look around and a few workspaces even provide the option of a 1-week free trial for businesses and teams.

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