5 Productivity Tips From Entrepreneurs To Work Smarter, Not Harder!

The overall work culture in 2019 has changed a lot. Earlier employees dealt with a lot of unproductivity doing company paperwork and manual labour. Since there was no way of automating routine tasks, it fell on the employee’s head to manually perform every function.

This, however, has changed drastically over the years, as today productivity apps and tools handle most of our routine work so that we can concentrate or more difficult tasks. 

Nowadays, even employers understand that productive working is more important for employees in the long run than chasing average working hours. 

There is a big difference between working smarter and working longer or harder and no one knows it better than entrepreneurs and CEOs who handle multiple tasks at any given time and yet stay productive. They always remain focused during work hours to stay at the top of the game. Here are 5 tips entrepreneurs use to work more efficiently throughout the day.

1. Focus On What Matters

Too often we forget about the important tasks in hand because we are either working on making a rather long to-do list or stressing over it. In this process, the work that is required immediately gets delayed.

It is important to build to-do lists that list down all your work but the problem arises when these out-of-control to-do-lists becomes overwhelming and prevents you from being productive. Instead, entrepreneurs advice you to focus on the things that are crucial to your job performance and your company’s success. This way you will finish the most urgent and challenging tasks for the day before moving on to less critical tasks which helps you improve your efficiency level as well as reduces any anxiety or stress of work.

2. Use Productivity Tools

Anything that will get your work done faster is beneficial. Entrepreneurs and CEOs swear by productivity tools that help them cut down time and work more efficiently. They especially rely on time tracker apps, post scheduler tools, and online task organizer apps to get them through the day without wasting any time.

It is amazing how productivity tools can shape your day. Once you figure out the right apps that are needed for the small tasks that don’t require much of your attention, you can easily concentrate on other important work and become more productive.

3. Monitor Your Phone/Email Usage

This not only goes for mobile usage but also emails and office communication apps like slack, hangouts, and Skype. Morning emails can be the biggest productivity killer for most people. Even though it becomes an inconvenience, it’s not entirely possible to avoid emails since all clients communicate through emails and other official mediums. But you can regulate it.

Entrepreneurs advice monitoring the time spent on answering emails and communicating on a daily basis. One good form of practice that everyone should use is to answer in bulk and only at a certain time. Set a suitable time in your day when you check all emails and messages, once or twice a day depending on how your inbox looks. This helps you to be more productive and focus on the immediate work instead of going back and forth on emails and ending up with incomplete work.

4. Give All Your Tasks A Deadline

Setting a deadline for your tasks will easily help you in completing it. This can be explained by a simple law. According to Parkinson’s Law, “If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute to do.”

So even if you give yourself one week to complete a task, it’s only natural for you to wait until the last moment to complete it. This “procrastination” can, therefore, be used to your advantage by setting shorter deadlines and getting the work done in less time. This is how entrepreneurs manage their time as well as complete their work without missing any deadlines.

5. Prepare Ahead

This tactic has been used by most entrepreneurs who swear by it. Preparing in advance gives a sort of head start to your work as well as relieves some of the burden. If waking up and making decisions first thing in the morning gives you stress, you can easily spare 10-15 minutes in the night to decide what you’ll be doing the following day. This can make a huge difference in your workflow. Many employees follow this tip to ease into work every morning and not stress themselves out. It is a helpful practice to follow.

The above tips are not just a theory but are actually implemented by entrepreneurs all over the world. Reducing your work timings is not always enough, it is important to utilize that time properly and get the most work done. These above tips seem to have helped a lot of employees to become more productive and efficient with their work, so if you’re also looking to work smarter and not just harder, try and implement these methods in your daily workflow. 

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