How to stay in touch with your most productive self in a coworking space?

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In the startup world, where computing has gotten easy but inexpensive offices are a hard deal, coworking has taken over the commercial market in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi & Gurgaon. Many entrepreneurs who earlier thought of starting up their companies in a small office or even working out of their apartments have now started kickstarting in a coworking space to get the feel of an office and have all the amenities they need.

Although the concept of coworking is intriguing for someone who wants to grow, many entrepreneurs still think that working out of a coworking space might be distracting because of the vibrancy, energy and sometimes even the buzzing crowd around. Although this has been a debatable topic, we have found that many entrepreneurs can actually get more done sitting around in a busy office where multiple companies share the same roof and keep themselves busy around the day.

In order to effectively work out of a coworking space, one needs to be as sufficient as possible. So, here are the four ways one can use to easily bring out their most productive self in a coworking space:


1. Kill monotony while working

One of the biggest challenges that many professionals face is boredom in the office. A study from Udemy says that around 43% of the people are bored with their professions.

Especially, for entrepreneurs where the daily tasks get tedious, repetitive and long stretched, one tends to get bored and diverted. Although boredom doesn’t affect your business, it has a huge role to play in your productivity and interests in a subject topic.

Coworking spaces offer great flexibility in order to overcome this. You can easily interact with many people around you with a variety of skills to understand their work, interests or even learn something new from them. This not only helps in being interested in your own work but also helps in developing new skills.


2. Always have your headphones on!

When we ask someone working out of a coworking space ‘How to be focused?’, we probably end up hearing ‘work with your headphones on’. Coworking spaces are exciting and full of energy, but many times when too many things are happening around, one gets diverted and distracted. In order to stay focused and keep yourself out of all the distractions, you need to have some music on and headphones plugged in.

According to INC, listening to music not only helps your brain in staying focused but also helps in delivering much-needed relief in the tedious job you are doing. So, carry your headphones every day to the office and plug it in when you need absolute focus in the work.


3. Participate in the events hosted at your coworking space

One of the biggest perks of working out of a coworking space is getting access to the events that are hosted inside the space. These events can be community driven, educational, fun and even networking sessions where members can take a break from their regular work and have an engaging session with others.

Participating in these events not only helps in taking constructive breaks from the work but also helps in networking with other people around you. You can easily find the events you are interested in and plan your day accordingly to attend them.


4. There’s always some action at the common areas

When we asked our members, ‘which is that one place that you absolutely love at Kafnu’, most of them say the common areas and the lounge. Yes, working out of the same desk at the same place is not for everyone.

Coworking spaces offer great, spacious and vibrant open spaces where people can sit and work. These areas are usually called lounge areas or common areas. This offers more than just a space to work – easy access to the cafeteria, game zones, phone booths and more.

These areas come very handy when you are bored sitting at your desk, working for hours. Usually, a lot of our members start the day at their desks and by afternoon station themselves in these common areas. This not only helps in beating the boredom but also helps in changing the environment to feel fresh and motivated again.


The coworking has become the new norm for startups and entrepreneurs today. But a transition from the traditional office setup and to a coworking space has not completely been agreed upon by some.

Although many still believe that productivity lies in their conventional setup, others have proved them wrong. So, by keeping your day planned, flexible and avoiding falling into a boring routine you can be more productive inside a coworking space.

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